Sunday, May 26, 2013

The journey begins

This picture pretty much sums up exactly how I feel. The numbers on the scale have steadily gotten larger down through the years, along with my waistline and it's time for me to really get serious about my health. Not to mention, I'm a diabetic with a fierce love of sweets, which I have daily. I'm always terrified to use my meter because my numbers are always through the roof. My doctor wants to put me on insulin, but I begged her to hold off and give me a couple of months to do better. It's not the first time I had that conversation with my doctor and she's afraid that my kidneys, eyesight, heart, etc. are being affected. I work with a guy that's diabetic who needs a kidney and I don't want that to be me in the future. So right now, I'm taking a vow.

From this point forward, I'm devoting myself to eat more clean foods and to live a healthier lifestyle. Whew! I said that out loud, didn't I. That's okay. It's all good. Now I'm obligated to stick to it... which is exactly what I want. I know this isn't going to be an easy journey, but I'm hoping that this blog will help keep me, (and anyone out there that happens to stumble across it), motivated. In the words of Jack LaLanne, "Your body is your most priceless possession; you've got to take care of it."

Inspiration picture: Jennifer Hudson

So, this is day one... here goes. I figure I'll post my glucose readings along with what I'm eating day to day.

Weight: 196 -  Gluclose: 299 - (I put these numbers in bold print so that I can't hide from the truth anymore).

Daily Food Journal:
Breakfast: Special K with berries, rice milk and decaf
Snack: 1 Orange
Lunch: Tomato basil hummus, lettuce, tomato's on whole wheat bread and 1 apple
Snack: box of raisins
Dinner: 2 pieces of beer battered fish tenders and brocolli (the frozen kind, I had the whole box)

There's a gym at the apartments where I live. Last night, I tried the elliptical machine. I only lasted 1 minute. I did however walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes and every 4 or 5 minutes, I ran for 1 minute. That's about all I could manage, but I thought it was a good start.

Notes: I probably shouldn't have had so much brocolli, but when I measured the brocolli once it was cooked, it was exactly 2 cups. I don't think 2 cups of veggies is a bad thing, but I was really stuffed afterwards, though. The funny thing is, I'm usually full from a second helping of dinner or from extra sweets. Overall, I feel good about my first day. New life... new me.

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