Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 11

Motivational Quote - Eat better, feel better

Inspiration picture: The Biggest Loser season 13 winner

Glucose: 169!!! Down by 33 points from yesterday. I can't believe it. I was finally under 200 when I checked my glucose this morning. It's been a long time since that's happened and shame on me because I was so grumpy last night after I made that cheeseburger and fries for my husband. When I saw that number on my meter this morning, I knew that tonight I would do the exact same thing and skip the cheese and bun... without being grumpy this time.

Daily Food Journal:
Breakfast: Special K with berries, decaf
Lunch: Tuna on whole wheat, 1 apple
Snack: 1 box of raisins
Dinner: Veggie burger, mixed vegetables and spinach
and a hot cup of lemon zinger herbal tea, (this was pretty good)

Notes: I worked out at the gym, by myself this time... 30 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the machines. I can run a little longer on the treadmill now. I ran for almost 7 minutes then I had to walk the rest of the time. I feel great!


  1. Hi Rachel,
    I always have to figure out the difference in numbers for blood testing in the US - here in Canada and the UK we measure it differently. That said, you had a huge drop there. NO shame on you at all about being grumpy before - you have ALOT to deal with. It is so hard to work out everything when you are diabetic. Great job at working out too. I don't know if I could do 30 minutes on a treadmill yet.

  2. Good for you ..keep at it....How about this alternative and you may not feel deprived...

    Try a Cheeseburger salad...awesome alternative...have the cheese and meat and all the fixings except the bun ( lettuce, tomatoe, onions, pickles, mustard and ketchup even ) over salad....you can get excited over that.....Also, think carrot French fries...Seriously, I like roasted veggies / or grilled beggies....spritz lightly or mix lightly with olive oil, a little salt and pepper or even garlic powder or other seasonings and roast at 450 degrees(or grill if it heats up your house too bad)...it's going to take 20 to 40 minutes in the oven --once it is browning up and crisping nicely you know it's ready....Not as good as true potato French fries , but only in the idea and a little in taste...those carrot fries are pretty good... way healthier.....

  3. Congratulations on getting those numbers down under 200!! You have great willpower, keep it up!!