Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 14

OMG! It's been two whole weeks since I began my journey to a healthier lifestyle. These 2 weeks have been hard, but I tried to stay motivated and focus on the bigger picture. I've exercised most of those days. I haven't had any fast food, potato chips, diet sodas, chocolate, cookies, candy, cake... okay I could go on and on with all the wrong foods I was eating, so I'll just stop now. But seriously, I haven't had sugar in 2 weeks and for me, that's nearly impossible.

You know, in the past, I would reward myself with a cheese steak sub, or pizza, or fried chicken, then have a really fattening dessert afterwards. After all, I was celebrating, right? Unfortunately, that kind of thinking has always gotten me into trouble. My one meal binge sometimes turned into a full week of pigging out. Anyway, I figure instead of messing up just when I'm slowly but surely getting my diabetes better controlled, I've decided to reward myself with a pedicure instead. It won't take long, it's affordable and the best part is it's calorie free.

Here are some awesome things that have happened to me in just 14 days:
... my glucose has gone from 299 to 146... down by 153 points.
... I lost 14 pounds. My weight has gone from 196 to 182.
... my vision is improving.
... I don't have the pains and tingling in my hands and feet like before.
... I feel healthier.
... my pants aren't super tight anymore and the bruises along my stomach are healing.
... I have much more energy than before.
... I'm sleeping better.
... I'm noticing a difference in my skin. I'm not breaking out as much.

Inspiration picture: Al Roker

Weight: 182 - Glucose:146

Daily Food Journal:
Breakfast: Special K with berries, decaf
Lunch: Tuna on 12 grain bread, 1 apple
Snack: 15 grapes
Dinner: Haddock with squash, zucchini, tomatoes and basil, 8 walnuts
and green tea

Notes: I lost my internet connection last night, I guess it was probably due to the weather. I wasn't able to put up the new post yesterday so here it is... a day late. I don't want to put up two in one day, so I'll start with day 16, tomorrow.

Don't dig your grave with your own knife and fork.


  1. yeah! I MEAN YEAH!!!! you are doing great!

    ...another protein suggestion..when you have your snack of fruit (grapes , raisins etc--) consider combining with a dairy / protein low fat string cheese, 1/4 cup cottage cheese -good if you mix cinnamon or a little honey in with fruit, or even a few ounces vanilla low sugar yogurt would stabilize your blood sugar even more and have sustaining power..and be a rewarding treat.

    In the summer when berries are seasonal, cheaper, very colorful and naturally sweet, I alternate buying a different type of berry or a few mixed berries and use those for fruits. The more intensity the colors of our foods , the more nutrients..I bought a 6 oz pack of red raspberries for $1.99 and ate it as about 4 servings over the course of a few days--mixed in salad with a few walnuts / parmesan cheese shavings and a balsalmic vinaigrette ..mixed with just a few ounce of yogurt and nuts...on top of low carb pancake....yum...

  2. Wow, that is fantastic! I love the no-calorie reward too! :)

  3. I wish I had this same motivation. Good Job!

  4. You are doing awesome! I can definitely relate, I have always used food as a reward, that has become a big problem for me as well

  5. I always used to reward myself with food. If I do good on this, I reward myself with sweets. If I did good on that, I reward myself with something high in calories. The longer I have been on this journey the more I reward myself with healthier options. New workout attire, new shoes, something that when I look at it I will see how far I have come on this journey and what is motivating me.