Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 24

Learning how to not be an emotional eater is one very hard lesson that still hasn't gotten any easier. I had this idea that now that I'm in the the fourth week of my journey, it'd be easier. Needless to say, I was way off base.

During the day, even though I eat breakfast and lunch then plan ahead by packing 'good for me' snacks, sometimes just watching my co-workers coming back from the vending machine with all the things I love, just makes it hard. Even smelling different foods that people are heating up in the microwave for lunch is not easy. Now, I mentioned this before, but I used to be an all day snacker before I changed my eating habits and night-time snacking was the worst. I could easily eat chips and cookies by the bagful. As a matter of fact, when I would buy Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies, my husband would have one row and I'd have the other. (I could just kick myself when I think about it. I wasn't checking my glucose then and even though I knew it would be dangerously high, it didn't stop me from pigging out).

You know, most nights, I almost always want more food after dinner, even though I'm usually satisfied. It's always then that I think about running to the store, (which is very close, by the way) for something crunchy or sweet. There are times that I just find it difficult to get through movie night without brownies or a big bowl of ice-cream... or sometimes both. Even at the end of a difficult work day, it's comfort food I'm craving, not an apple with peanut butter or a boiled egg... those snacks just aren't the same.

I'm still trying to get a handle on my uncontrolled snacking and learn to just eat maybe 2 cookies... which I'm still scared to try. I mean, I haven't had just 2 cookies for a snack since I was a toddler. What if my addiction kicks in and I can't stop until 'my side' of the bag is gone?

Okay, basically it comes down to this. I can give in to the temptation...

Or I can fight... fight... fight the urge and make a much healthier choice.

I know that the key to successful weight loss is to find healthy balanced snacks. I also know that I am the only real obstacle in my path, so I close my eyes, search deep within me for that willpower that I am in desperate need of, take a deep breath then tell myself NO! Whew... Now, I just need to be prepared to do it all over again tomorrow... LoL.

Inspiration picture:

Weight: I didn't check my weight this morning. I'm getting tired of seeing the same number. I'm actually thinking of trying a once a week weigh in instead of doing it daily. I'm still debating.
Glucose: 136 (I made chicken, stuffing and cabbage last night and I had extra stuffing.)

Daily Food Journal:
Breakfast: Special K with berries, decaf
Snack: 6 strawberries
Lunch: Tuna on wheat, 1 apple
Dinner: 1 Veggie burger, cauliflower, green beans and a hot cup of green tea with honey

Notes: Sorry I was missing for a couple of days. I was really busy for Father's day weekend and I didn't even look at the computer.

Love yourself enough to keep going.


  1. Well you described me in a nutshell of when I always wanted food the most - at night. I did the same - the whole bag of chips and dip mostly. To be honest, I think the only reason I am not eating junk is because my liver tells me right away to stop, otherwise, for sure, I wouldn't think twice because that is what I have always done. I'm sorry you have the temptations at work as I do. That just sets us up for the night I think (weird but true). Emotions are strange that way. I don't weigh myself each morning - just once a week - on Monday mornings. Do what works for you. Either way, you will things out. Excellent food choices! :)

    1. Sorry Rachel - should say "Either way, you will work things out." My fingers are faster than my brain! LOL

  2. Hi Rachel! I'm with Linda, I can definitely understand the struggle of the urges( especially recently) but as you keep going it will get easier. Easier because you will learn you are stronger than the urges and that even if you do want a cookie you wont have to be scared of it anymore.

  3. I struggle with the same thing, I'm so used to chocolate after dinner that it's almost just a habit. That's probably been my biggest struggle. But we can do it! Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi! Every meal feels like a struggle, like a major effort to eat right. You can do it! :)

  5. I can easily eat five times what I eat (and I eat quite a bit) It is always a struggle, but as long as I keep doing the best I can, I know I will get somewhere.

    I look forward to those motivational pictures you keep putting up. It's one of the highlights of my blog reading activity. Thanks for doing that